On-demand Wireless Entertainment System for bus, ferry and train operators to provide a ‘Netflix’ experience’ to commuters.

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Onboard Wi-Fi is the clear future of transport operators infotainment delivery.

Whether externally connected or self-contained, the technology to stream media to passenger-owned devices - tablets, phones and laptops.

Why invest to Wi-Fi Entertainment System?

Deliver the onboard services  to passengers and crews.

1. Increase Satisfaction

Enhance and differentiate your brand by maximizing onboard internet investments. 

2. Ad Value

Push new onboard apps and services to vehicle directly from the cloud. 

3. Reduce Costs

Pavel Steiner

Umbrella Coach & Buses CEO

"Since launching the service, we have seen an increase in customer satisfaction. We have been able to efficiently use onboard Wi-Fi and the whole infotainment platform to monetise and streamline communication channel for travellers. Thanks to the added value of the service and its flexibility, we have been able to quickly get our initial investment back"

"One of the key features of the solution is that it is able to integrate with the hardware system of the train as well as CD information systems and third parties (timetables, weather, points of interest along the route), which are updated automatically, saving valuable time for the client."

Petr Vondráček

Czech Railways

Michael Kistler

Head of Marketing Communications & E-Business, RhB

"Before deploying Wobex, we knew little about our Wobex. With Wobex on board, we now know their interests and demographic data, which we can use to better target new promotions."


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